New GTA V Game Released !!!!

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It’s the biggest budget video game ever made and the most anticipated release of this console generation & it does  live up to expectations accordingly to earlier game starter!

GTA V not only looks like the game the series has always wanted, but it plays like it too. We really have to start with the graphics, though, which are quite extraordinary. The only thing that’s cost more to make in the entertainment world is the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but unlike that bloated mess you can see where every penny has been spent in GTA V. The level of detail is absolutely astonishing, from incidental extras like the working desk fans in an office to a creditable line in destructible scenery and the most realistic water effects we’ve ever seen.

What’s most impressive about the game is that the size of the world and the level of detail has come with zero compromise in terms of graphical slowdown. You’d allow some, especially as it’s a problem the series has always struggled with, but there’s barely a hint of trouble. In fact the sheer speed at which even relatively mediocre cars move is one of our favourite elements of the game. There are some issues with texture and object pop-in, but they’re minor compared to games of even a tenth of the same complexity.


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